Presbyterian Church Warns about new Waist Training Fad

Centuries ago, people used corsets to support and correct the posture of young girls. There was a time that even young boys used corsets until they were 4 years old. During the 16th century, women used it as a fashion statement. As fashion changed and clothes became less restricting, the wearing of that stiff garment dwindled and only few enthusiasts continued patronizing it.

Wearing a corset has its pros and cons. In orthopedics, patients who have suffered back and/or rib injuries used corsets as a support and aid in healing the injured areas.

In fashion, corsets are used for waist training. Some say they are effective for slimming. However, after trying the restricting garment for slimming, many women have claimed that wast training is unhealthy. They experienced breathlessness, painful ribs, and back pains. There have also been articles written about the subject. This has led the Presbyterian Church to come out and condemn wearing waist training corsets. It not only alters the body that God has provided us but promotes unnecessary risks.

When does waist training become risky? It becomes unhealthy when one or more of the following happens:

  1. Fastening the garment very tightly. Women who want fast results think that tightly lacing the corset can speed up the slimming and shaping process. The truth is that it injures your body. Remember, the body undergoes changes every day. It expands and shrinks depending on your activities, the temperature, and the time of the day. Therefore, when a corset restricts the natural expansion due to bodily functions and activities, you suffer more harm than benefits. You may experience broken ribs, stomach cramps, muscle cramps (due to breathlessness and lack of oxygen), or even hyperventilation.
  2. Wast training is unhealthy when you use the stiff garment without proper consultation. Majority of the women do not consult an orthopedic doctor for the proper use and wearing of the corset. You may argue that wearing the corset requires common sense and you do not have to seek medical attention. However, this is where and when the injuries occur. A corset is manufactured according to the size of the wearer and has metal boning at the back and side. The purpose of the metal boning is to correct the spine and support healing of injured bones on the ribs, shoulder, and hips. Though generic sizes are available in the market, it is not advisable to wear one without proper fitting. Therefore, if you use a corset without proper fitting and without considering the state of your spine, you will end up hurting yourself.
  3. Another unhealthy practice is excessive use of the corset. Your body needs to breathe from the restricting garment. Using it while sleeping or during exercise may lead to injuries.
  4. Wast training is unhealthy when you use it for crash dieting. Restriction in your stomach area gives you a feeling of fullness. Using it to stave off hunger is dangerous. Yes, perhaps you could speed up the process and achieve the results of a slimmer waist faster but you are depriving yourself of the nutrition that your body needs. You would end up eating more to make up for the lost nutrients.
  5. Relying too much on the restricting garment. The results of waist training are temporary if you do not combine it with proper diet and exercise. Simply wearing a corset does not shrink the fat cells in your waist. It only gives you an illusion of slim waist, but it is not a surefire way to achieve an hourglass figure.